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Harry gives a brief overview of some
of the horses he has worked on.

Magical Phire

Chestnut Boy




Black Beauty

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Chestnut Boy

Chestnut Boy was a seventeen and a half year old horse, a Thoroughbred X Irish, about 15.2hh; very strong and very talented but he had not been trained correctly in an earlier ownership and had sustained damage to a hind leg. Having been asked for help by his current owner, I worked for some months to supple and strengthen his damaged leg and set free his considerable talent.

Chestnut Boy   Chestnut Boy
Chestnut Boy and Harry in walk.   Chestnut Boy in collected canter.
Chestnut Boy   Chestnut Boy   Chestnut Boy
Chestnut Boy in collected trot.   Chestnut Boy in
free walk with
double bridle.
  Chestnut Boy in shoulder-in.
Chestnut Boy   Chestnut Boy
Chestnut Boy doing leg yielding .   Chestnut Boy in trot circle.
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