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Harry gives a brief overview of some
of the horses he has worked on.

Magical Phire

Chestnut Boy




Black Beauty

Fuller case histories can be found in
Harry's book:
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Martzog was a 17hh, fourteen year old Hanoverian, whom I rode for a couple of weeks whilst visiting Germany. He gave me an idea of what it was like to ride the 'old-fashioned' type of Hanoverian; it is always instructive for a rider to experience as wide a range of horses as possible.

martzog   martzog
Martzog in a collected trot - for a horse working in
heavy sand he is moving well.


Malby was a horse in his teens who had been damaged both mentally and physically by years of ignorant and incorrect handling and riding. Over a period of many months, I worked to redress his physical problems and his neuroses so that he became an enjoyable mount for his new young owner.

Malby   Malby   Malby
Malby at left shoulder-in, with a very light contact.   Malby looking relaxed and confident whilst out hacking.   Malby in right shoulder-in at a slight angle.


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