Healing Horses the Classical Way
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For remedial work on horses the trainer must have studied Classical Dressage, and ridden school master horses, (and it is important to have grey hair for the experience!) to feel the correct way of working. With this knowledge he can then help other horses - giving them the correct help, and the correct way of going, and being able to chose the correct stride in seconds, and if the horse is unable to do it, to do a stride that will be of help to this particular horse. In order to help problem horses a lot of experience with different breeds and problems is required, a lot of patience and a love of horses. The work is very slow and can take months until you can see the difference, or even until you are able to be seated on the horse.
With this type of work when working with problem, spooky or damaged horses, you cannot afford to make mistakes because the horse is not going to forgive you. He will then stop trusting you, and stop working for you.

With the correct exercises and different methods of work, done correctly, we can avoid or resolve many problems that affect horses. If we can achieve and maintain his fitness and suppleness, the horse will not only look good and perform to his optimum level, he will have a better quality of life, be happy in his partnership with us and less prone to injury or ailments than a horse kept without feeling, knowledge or care.

Take the time to learn the language of the horse.

Harry Chaim Faibish - Classical Horse Trainer
Email: classicaltrainer@gmail.com  Telephone: 07581 142882
Classical and Remedial Training & Rehabilitation for Damaged and Disadvantaged Horses
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