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With any horse, regardless of age, condition and what we would like to use him for, the fundamental aims remain the same - to improve and develop his physical condition, to increase his understanding of what we want him to do, and to develop in him a genuine desire to work with us. Precisely how we go about achieving these aims will depend on the individual horse.

There are many types of training that Harry will do with horses, as well as the remedial work - backing young horses, training novice horses through to advanced in the classical way, also, if there are people that are prepared to wait, high school dressage. If the horse is going to do high school dressage then he must have the talent for it.

"When I had the yard in Raglan, South Wales, I used to groom the horses for about eight minutes - they were clean but not shiny, but, after working, their body and muscles were shiny, the reason for this being that they had been working correctly and to their full ability, and, of course, they were happy."

"We have to give the horse respect and be fair with him, and give him an enjoyable time. At the end of the ride the horse should feel good, the exercise should be like a massage for both his body and brain."

"If the horse is strong enough, you can take the horse on a slope and do a big circle. Firstly on the downhill, make the horse walk slowly, and on the uphill a slightly bigger walk. The next thing you can do is downhill in a slow walk, and uphill in a trot, (not rising, but seated in jumping position, this is to help the horse); change the rein, and do the same exercise the opposite way around. After this take the horse onto flat ground and let him to stretch his neck, to relax his muscles. Also you can do trot and canter transitions. With all this work, never pull on the mouth of the horse, always just play with the fingers."


1. In 1983 my pupil (with pony 7yo) wanted to get in Junior British Team of Dressage. They came to me 3.5 months before the selection, at last competition were 40 riders, and she came 11th (the selectors took 8 riders).

2. In 1984 my pupil came 10th out of 40 riders, at Good-Wood Novice Dressage Championship.

3. In 1991 my blind pupil at Aarhus, Danemark, World Championship, came 3rd.

4. In 1991 my pupil (17yo, she was the youngest in the class, and the mare 5.5yo) won the Dressage Competition at one day event by 10 marks, against senior riders from all over the world, after they competed in Danemark World Championship 3 day event, the competition was in the UK.

5. In 2005 the Israel Team came to the UK to compete at British Championship and my blind pupil came 5th.

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